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HPC-cluster «Akademik V.M. Matrosov»

  • year of the start operation – 2012, year of the last modernization - 2017 
  • developer / supplier:  «T-Platforms» (2012), «Niagara Computers» (2017)
  • 240 x86_64 processors (4080 cores) with a total peak performance of 90,24 TFlops
  • parallel and multithreading computing technologies: MPI, OpenMP, NVidia CUDA, et al.

Cluster components (since 28/03/2017):

Compute node of type «A»  

Compute node of type «B»  

  • two 18-core processors Intel Xeon E5-2695 v4 «Broadwell» 2.1 GHz (Base Freq. - Non-AVX), 2.4 GHz (AVX Max All Core Turbo Freq.), 45 MB L3 cache, 16 FLOP/cycle
  • 128 GB RAM DDR4-2400

The engineering infrastructure of the cluster: Hot aisle containment system (HACS), Power supply system, Uninterruptible power supply system, Cooling system, Automatic fire suppression system, et al.