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The procedure for obtaining remote access to equipment of the CCU ISCC

1. For get access you need: 
  • prepare application for request access on company letterhead;
  • Register new user (first access) or new task request (when re-registering, that is, in cases where the account exists, but the information specified in the previously submitted application has become irrelevant and needs to be updated), upload scan-copy of the application;
  • send the original application by courier or mail to the address: 664033, Irkutsk, Lermontova str, 134, ISDCT SB RAS, Novopashin A.P. 
2. Applications are reviewed by the head of the CCU ISCC within five working days of receipt.

3. An applicant may be denied registration if:
  • in the application and / or registration form incorrect, incomplete, contradictory information is indicated;
  • the amount of resources requested does not correspond to the capabilities of the equipment of the SCS PCT or exceeds quotas;
  • The user specified in the statement previously violated the rules of the collective use of the equipment of the PCC of ISCC, as a result of which his account was deactivated.